Basic Post Formats/Getting Back On Track

Rediscoverblogginggroove1Darren Rowse over on ProBlogger has just completed a seven day series of posts on the basic post styles. I highly recommend you go there and study them all.

He’s calling the series “Rediscover Your Blogging Groove.” If you’ve sort of drifted out of your blogging groove, it will help you get back on track.

And, if you’re a beginning blogger, it will be terrific asset toward learning what to post about and how to do it.

Each of the seven days of the series carries an assignment.

They are:

  • Day 1 Write A List Post
  • Day 2 Answer A Question
  • Day 3  Write A Review
  • Day 4 Write A Link Post
  • Day 5. Write A Tip Post
  • Day 6 Ask A Question
  • Day 7 Tell A Story

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