Since examples are usually more useful than descriptions I thought I’d share several of my blogging projects, just as they are at this point, to illustrate how blogs might be used by writers, publishers, coaches, and service providers.

I’m a writer, with many interests and writing related projects in progress at any one time, and so blogging can provide a home for projects, ongoing contact with readers and possible future readers, and  provide low key, non-invasive publicity and marketing exposure. Better than a newsletter in many ways, a blog can be permission marketing at its best, I think.

I’m also a small publisher, so I have books to sell, information to share, and opinions and thoughts on that subject that I now have a place for on a publishing related blog

My blogs were all built at using the template pages, with a little html tweaking (very little) that I learned from Andy Wibbels’ ecourse. I used Fireworks software to create the banners and graphics and optimize them for the web. And, for a couple of them I also did a little Photoshop modifying.

I created the blog as a replacement for a website, reproducing the pages on the site with posts on a long blog page, with sidebar links to the posts. I replaced the website with a blog version because it will cost me much less money per month, and because I thought it might even serve me and subscribers better in blog form.

I replaced some other websites with blogs, changing their format and name, forwarding their own original domain URLs to the new blogs, which also have their own (different) domain names.

Several of the blogs are project oriented and have to do with coaching or writing projects of mine, and some are also social action projects: is a personal opinion/whatever blog. is for all the stuff I’d be cluttering up my email discussion list PUBLISH-L with if I wrote there about everything I’d like to 🙂 will eventually be an easy to remember way for radio interview listeners to locate my books online.

I created so I’d have a place to refer blogging related questions and post material I’ve written elsewhere about blogs and blogging.

The Ariel Network links in the sidebar of this page contain both my regular website and my blogs.