Learning How

Most, if not all, blog providers/hosts have tutorials. So, you can muddle through with more or less ease without additional training.

However, I lucked out with free training from Andy Wibbels, who was developing a pilot program for an ecourse/telecourse on web logging (blogging) and wanted students for the course-in-development. I signed up, and have built several blogs using his excellent instruction and resources. I’ll be adding an affiliate link here soon to Andy’s course site, but for now you can simply go to http://easybakeweblogs.com to check out what he offers. It’s well worth the cost, I can assure you.

He based his instruction on the http://www.typepad.com hosting company’s blogs, because he thinks Typepad has the best looking blogs he’s seen, and it’s pretty easy to use. TypePad has three levels of membership/subscription. Andy asked us to get the middle level for our class, which provides most of the features one would want, and you get to build three web logs there for the same price, if you want to. The top level, which I shifted to when I decided it was the place I wanted to build my blogs, provides unlimited blogs. That’s right, I can build as many as I want, for one price for all. So, blogs can be much, much less expensive than websites. And, there are many blog hosts that provide free blog building and hosting service.

Here’s what I use to build my blogs: Hosting and online building templates at http://www.typepad.com and the software Fireworks to create and optimize the banners and graphics, which were mostly from Hemera’s Photo Objects http://www.hemera.com  And, I also did do some work in Photoshop software on a couple of the images.

Thinking of all the things one could do with blogs bloggles the mind 🙂

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