I just now did a quick look at my monetizing ads on my blogs, hadn’t checked on them in awhile (be sure and do that often).

Because I create what TypePad, my main blog host, calls Typelists to place my rotating ads in, I’m not aware of what specific ad might appear as the ads rotate in the space. They are supposed to be appropriate to the blog. I’ve always been a little hesitant to believe that, but since I didn’t see anything too far from the blogs’ subject matter I let it go.

But, I didn’t think much about how an ad might not be appropriate for the title I gave to their Typelist headline that  I created to place them in. Should have done done that. I discovered that a Typelist I cleverly named “Yummy Yummy” for a rotating ad had an ad on it for a colon cleanse product. I’m not kidding, and on another blog “Yummy Yummy” headlined an ad for a rehab facility. Not as bad a mismatch, but not very good either.

So, give some thought to those headlines or titles. I’ve just taken my ads down from that service provider and will be remonetizing with some changes.