What You Can Do With Blogs

Everybody needs a website. Well, almost everybody. Certainly every author, coach, service provider, and publisher needs one. But, websites can be very difficult and expensive to plan, design, and get up and running. Mine aren’t, but that’s because I use an online site builder program my web host http://www.bigstep.com provides, and it works well for me. But, even at that, I need to be able to tweak my graphics, and had to buy and learn software for that (Fireworks).

But, a web log, or blog as they are called by bloggers, is easy, and free or cheap to operate. It’s fast to set up, and fast to add to or change. You can have a simple blog or an elaborate and complicated blog. And, blogs will do what a website will do, to some extent, and do some things even better than a regular website.

If you already have a website, a blog can add a personal and immediate functionality to the website. You can link your externally hosted blog to your website, or you can use free standing blogging software you buy and install on your own computer to add the blog feature to your website.

If you do not have a website, you can easily and quickly build a blog that will substitute for a website. For some people, businesses, and organizations a blog will be all you will need.

Specific uses for blogs:

1. Authors: A blog is a great way for authors to keep in touch with their readers and gain an online following for their work. The first link below is an author/book reviewer blog that not only promotes the author’s book but is a source of affiliate and ad income as well.

2. Publishers: The immediacy of a blog makes it possible for a publisher to communicate with their community of writers and service providers quickly and easily, share tips, requirements, news, and recommendations, and create an atmosphere that reflects their business’ personality.

3. Service Providers: A blog provides the personal touch, gives the customer more of the flavor of theĀ  provider, and a chance to have ongoing interaction with the provider, make suggestions, see examples of work, etc., all at low cost and with low maintainence effort.

4. Organizations: Blogs are the ideal medium for organizational communication and presence, either in addition to a website or instead of one.

Here are some blogging info sites for you to surf:

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