Write A Series On One Topic And Add A Graphic For The Series

One way to bring readers back repeatedly to your blog is to write a series of posts on one topic. Darren Rouse at ProBlogger has a series called Battling Bloggers Block. A reader and commenter on that series has spun off a series of her own, 20 Posts In 20 Days Marathon, at It’s So Fantastic! which I’ve picked up to do on my Noodling blog.

It’s So Fantastic! has used a graphic image to mark each of her blog posts in that series. I thought that was a particularly good idea, so created one of my own for the series of 20 posts I’m doing on Noodling.

Advantages I’ve thought of in having a visual graphic to identify series posts:

  1. Readers have, in addition to the content of the series posts, and topic, a visual reminder to return.
  2. You don’t have to limit yourself to series posts and do them only until you’ve completed the series. By adding the visual graphic you can easily indicate which posts are part of the series and which are not.
  3. A graphic symbol adds a bit of class and quality to your posts. Makes it look like you’ve put some effort into the series, more professional looking.
  4. The graphic can indicate at a glance what the topic is all about, or expand it beyond the title of the series.
  5. Even when the series is long past, the graphic will lead later readers to look for all the posts. And, I think, it helps persuade them to continue on to the next one. The longer your readers stay on your blog site, the better, not only for recurring visit motivation, but for any ads you have there to generate income.

What other benefits are there to adding a graphic, that I’ve not thought of?

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